The Heavy Metal Cleric

JADE's Maze of the Minotaur campaign was mainly designed so that Dave and myself could run around as barbarians and kill just about everything in the Monster Manual. However, Jeff also wanted to be to join but he isn't exactly the melee type. So we came up an idea for a heavy metal cleric and found the perfect mini! This guy is from Reaper Minis and fit the roll flawlessly!

He saw his first action in MotM game 3... Where he quickly died once, and lasted until the end of the game before his second incarnation died again. Not the most eloquent beginning, but at least he looked cool.

Hopefully we will see our Heavy Metal Cleric out on the field soon in future Maze of the Minotaur games!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

The Heavy Metal Cleric The Heavy Metal Cleric Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 5/06/2015 10:22:00 am Rating: 5

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