Since I am always adding new characters and personalities to our 15mm Traveller line up, I recently painted these three space travellers. Two of them are from RAFM miniatures, and the one on the far right is from 15mm co.

The first of our three Travellers, is an RAFM Aslan; a classic Traveller race. I already have 1 Aslan with a staff, so this is our first armed one. And he is of course wielding a sabre.

The second one is a Human Female from RAFM. She is holding a pistol, and a has a flashy red jacket. Definitely adds to the human NPC line up, Which I am really trying to add more ladies to.

Now, this fella from 15mm Co, doesn't have a canon race in Traveller, so I made up the Rafrikans due to his resemblance to a baboon... And you know Lion King. I am not exactly sure what kind of weapon he is holding, but I like to think it is a stun baton.

We will definitely see these guys out soon, and might even see one join the crew of the S.S. Hornby and the B-Cast of Interstellar Exports!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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