3 More Knights

It feels like it was ages ago that I bought six knights from Steel Fist Miniatures. I painted the the first three a while back:

Three Knights

So the other night I finally decided to finish the other three up!

For my the first suit of armour, I went with a very regal feel. Gold details to give him a sparkling and noble feel.

This suit to me looks a little more heavily armoured then the other ones. More plates, and it just looks like it would weight a lot. Definitely going to have movement penalties there.

Your classic duel wielding knight, with a sword and a hammer. Probably the lightest armoured knight of the three. He is only wearing leather boots. But his front it still well protected.

Not sure what these fellas will get up to yet. I have an idea for a dragon fighting scenario in 1st edition involving four Cavaliers from the Unearthed Arcana... but nothing concrete.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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