The Star Marines

When I was a kid one of  my favourite PC games was Starcraft. I played it a lot, and while I was quite young and not that good, the science fiction world they created just drew me in.

When I learned that I could get 15mm Terran Marines from Critical Mass Games I couldn't resist. I had to write them into my Traveller Campaign.

So I added them into my next adventure as Battle Dresses. In the Traveller universe, Battle Dresses are amazing suits of armour/weapons. If the guys really wanted to be space pirates and dominate the field, this is the sort of weaponry they would need.

So I started to design the party's battle suits around this style of armour. I highly recommend looking into Traveller Supplement 4: Central Supply Catalogue. It will give you all the material you need to really build custom equipment etc.

I decided to classify my armour as Improved Combat Armour which is TL12, and provides 14 addition protection. That is a decent amount of damage to absorb, but what can they deal out?

To mimic the rapid fire weapon of the Terran Marines in Starcraft, I figured my Marines should have a similar weapon. I think that the Advanced Light Auto Cannon from the central supply catalogue works perfectly. That is 6d6+4 DMG, I think it should do the trick.

How exactly our party will acquire these suites, I will leave for Interstellar Exports Game 7 to reveal. But it will be a very tempting offer.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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