Necron Overlord

Last year I purchased a Necron Starter Set so that my Brother-in-law could play the Necrons that he has always wanted to throw down on the table. Well early last month (Nov 2019) I decided was, like my Steel Legion, going to create a 1000pts starter force so that we could get these undead bad boys out on the table.

I also hava  thing for creating 1000pts forces. I find that it is a great way to trim the fat of your army and discover what units really make up the back bone of your force.

Unlike my Steel Legion I am doing the Necrons quick and dirty. That's dry brushing a million years of scaling on top of silver brushed bodies and then some orange and yellow highlights.

I just want to be able to get them out on the table and looking half decent.

And there we have it the start of my 1000pts Necron Force. Admittedly I have already played with these guys and they are quite a bit of fun... However as I understand, beyond the 1000pts limit the Necrons start to suffer a bit. So we will see how far I choose to go with these guys.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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