15mm Assassin

Perhaps the only reason Jeff likes 1st ed AD&D, is because of the Assassin class. As a lover of that sort of sneak/action game like the Assassin's Creed series, it is an obvious choice for him, and it fits his roleplay style perfectly.

So if I was going to convince him to get on board the 15mm Fantasy train, I was going to need a bad ass figure to represent some sort of rogue. This guy is one of the thieves from Splinter Light Miniatures. I got him in their set of 10 Warriors of Shadow.

I really like this mini in particular, because I think is has a lot to offer for any rogue style character. The dark cloak to hide in shadows, the studded leather vest to provide that much more protection, the short/long sword to strike with, and the dagger in the right boot to throw as a last resort, all combine into a really badass looking mini.

So, I am still having a bit of trouble painting the 15mm eyes... But I am getting there. Hopefully I will do better next time.

When I showed Jeff the mini he thought it was awesome! So he is definitely on board for the 15mm craze. I am sure he will have him out on the table at the next opportunity!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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