PAF Canadair Sabres (Green)

In further preparation for the Check Your 6! Jet Age Crisis in Kashmir Campaign, I painted these two additional Pakistani Canadair Sabres. I now have a force of four, which let's me handle most of the missions in the campaign.

Armed with Sidewinder Missiles these aircraft will see a lot of action in the games to come. The Canadair Sabre were Pakistan's primary Fighter in the 60's and thus flew a lot of combat missions. As I understand it though made in my homeland of Canada, these planes were actually sold to West Germany before then being resold to Pakistan.

The main difference between these two planes and my previous two is the green marker on the rudder. In Check Your 6! each pilot has a skill level (Green, Skilled, Veteran, and Ace). My first two were Skilled and have a black marking, while these two planes are for green pilots and have a green marking.

This skill level affects many aspects of the game and is an important feature to note on each plane. I think the colouring is a simple and attractive way to denote the difference. We will finally get theses Sabres armed with Sidewinders in our next game where we test out Missile Mechanics, and commanding up to four Aircraft at once. Should be a great fight, we might even throw in the Light AA Positions just to mix things up!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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