3D Printed Battlefleet Gothic Ships

For anyone who still plays Battlefleet Gothic you will well know that it can be pretty damn hard getting hold of the minis. Since it was discontinued more than four years ago the pickings on eBay and the like for this models have become pretty slim... and if you do find them you are likely going to pay a fortune!

So to answer the call, the 3D Printing community has stepped up to fill the need, making it possible to get proxies (or in many cases quiet faithful copies) of just about any Battlefleet Gothic minis!

The first proxies in my set are Eldar Nightshade Class Destroyers. Eldar ships are very expensive points wise, so thankfully I only needed a few proxies to complete my fleet.

These models are very faithful recreations of the Nightshade Destroyer model and are perfectly scaled.

The next model I had printed was this version of the Space Marine Gladius Class Frigate. Frankly the original Games Workshop model looked pretty stupid, and not at all like the design in the book. So this Gladius Frigate is remade to look more like a miniature strike cruiser keeping that Space Marine aesthetic a little more consistent.

The final minis I had printed was this Space Marine Strike Cruiser. Perhaps a little longer then the Game Workshop model, but it captures the look and feel of the powerful Space Marine Light cruisers, and even includes two flat circles on the bow that allow you to pain your faction's insignia!

All of these ships will be included in the 840pt "tutorial" fleets that I have created to teach Wesley and Ivan to play BFG before we include some games in our Curse of the Relictors 40k Campaign. So I am very excited to get these minis finished and all the table!

All of these minis were found and printed off of thingiverse, where you can find proxies for just about any fleet you can imagine!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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