JADE has Moved: Andrew's New Space!

Well, it took me two weeks but my new games room is starting to take shape! At the beginning of this Month after 11 years of living in Toronto, my wife and I moved back up North (About 45 min away) to the suburban town of Newmarket; saying goodbye to what had been the JADE headquarters for the past 5 years. It was a little sad to leave our home, but our old space was simply too small and we were bursting at the seams trying to fit everything in!

The 15ft by 15ft room that doubled as my games room and home office for my computer business had severed us well, but with the games only getting larger I needed way more space! And so when my wife and I started looking, one of the main things I was hoping to find was a basement that gave me enough room to game, and boy did I find it!

My new space takes up half of my current basement and is around 40ft long and 18-24ft wide depending on where you are standing. I have no idea how I fit all of this stuff into my old space, and honestly I am still sorting through everything, but it looks like all of my game stuff made it safely to my new home.

Aside from more space, we also have a few amenities in the basement that we didn't have in the old space. These include a 42" Smart TV, a Popcorn Maker and a Mini Fridge. All in all it has been a drastic improvement but I still have a problem: I don't have enough furniture!

As you can see from just about every picture, I have boxes on the floor, boxes on tables, boxes on shelves, etc. etc. It is not that I haven't had the time to unpack these things, but more that I have no where to put them! Currently my parents and my in-laws have a volunteered a number of bookshelves, tables and cabinets to start filling the space, but I still need to figure out how tog et those over there in my all too small Mazda 3. So over the next couple of weeks I will be bringing in more shelves and trying organize this space bit by bit as I go along.

Despite the game room's chaotic state I have already played my first game of Blood and Plunder and my first game of Letters from Whitechapel with my old friend Tom who was down from Kenora and visiting family in the area this week. After that my wife and I baby sat for an old friend looking after their 11 month old baby, who I was showing him the effects of terrain in tabletop games and how to use FATE tokens. And then I introduced my Brother-In-law Connor and his friend Casey to 8th ed Warhammer 40k, by refereeing a game for them. so it has been a busy couple of weeks.

We now also have new Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the works and plans to continue old ones both remotely and in person in the new space. So there is tons of stuff to come!

For those wondering, our RPG Character Dice will resume shipping shortly, and are still available on our store.

Look for more updates as I get this massive new space sorted out and while the games keep coming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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