IAF MiG21F-13's

The MiG21F-13 is probably the most famous and well known variant of the MiG21 Fighter Jet out there. Known as the "Fishbed-C" this model of the MiG21 featured missiles and a Forward Fixed cannon. Unlike the later "Fishbed-D" which only featured missiles, the Fishbed-C was designed as both a fighter and interceptor.

During the 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, India purchased both the Fishbed-C and Fishbed-D, though with the Fishbed-D being the newer model those were far more common.

As of posting this, I have played a single game using MiG21's. I used the Fishbed-D since I didn't roll the variable rule that lets me use the Fishbed-C, but regardless I had decided to use the more modern plan regardless of what I rolled. We had never used a plane that was solely a missile platform so I was interested to see how it worked.

From my experience in the last game, I found that I was really missing those guns. To fire GAR-9 Infrared Homing Missiles at a target you have to be directly behind them. Which isn't an easy thing to do when your opponent knows you have missiles and is actively avoiding you. There were two occasions where I could have scored hits if I had been armed with guns, but lacking them, I had to pass on the opportunity.

So in the end I have to say that the older Fishbed-C is indeed the superior aircraft.

Like my MiG21PF's these models are from Raiden Miniatures, however to distinguish them I painted them with a distinctive Camo pattern. There are a few scenarios in CY6! where the camo pattern actually grants you some cover, but in this case it is just for show.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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