Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Aurora Class Light Cruiser

After finishing my Eldar Eclipse Class Cruiser I found the motivation I needed to keep painting those Battlefleet Gothic ships that I had snagged a long time ago.

One of my more prized models in my collection was this Eldar Aurora Class Light Cruiser, made by Forge World and discontinued many years ago.

The Aurora Class Light Cruiser is from the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada book, one less common expansion books released by Games Workshop. As well as adding in Dark Eldar, Space Marines and Tau forces, Armada also expanded the Imperial, Chaos, Ork and Eldar fleets with about half a dozen new ships or so.

BFG: Armada released a ton of new light cruisers to add to any fleet, which created a great in between a cruiser and an escort vessel that really helped balance the points in opposing fleets without needing to field yet another squadron of escort vessels. And for the oddly pointed and expensive Eldar Fleets a couple of light cruisers made it much easier.

Compared to the Eclipse Class Cruiser, the Aurora Class Light Cruiser is much more lightly armed,:featuring only a handful of weapons, and notably no hangar. I suspect that the Aurora will not have a huge punch in our next game but will more likely be used to support the eclipse and escorts tilting the balance where needed.

With all this being said, I have yet to use this ship in fight, and really have no idea how it will preform. Even before I get to found out, I still have to finish the Relictor Space Marine Fleet, and the opposing Death Guard Fleet.

So I have some work ahead of me until we are ready to go, but I am slowly making progress!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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