Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Eclipse Class Cruiser

It has been over two whole years since I painted a Battlefleet Gothic Ship, and honestly almost as long since I have played. However with JADE's Curse of the Relictors campaign coming up and at least two Battlefleet Gothic games planned for the first act, I had to get the fleets ready.

So while Battlefleet Gothic was discontinued in 2014 and was largely picked up by the 3D Printing community, this is in fact a real Games Workshop model. I bought it off Ebay just before the game was discontinued so it was a bargain compared to today's prices.

So this is a heavy model, made entirely out of pewter.

In the game Eldar ships are really interesting. Their movement speed depends on what edge of the board they are facing in relation to the "Sun Edge". The more their solar sails are to the sun the faster these things go.

Eldar ships also have a holofield which allows them to ignore damage. I have only ever fought against these guys once using my chaos fleet, but they absolutely destroyed me. They are quick, deadly a hard to kill.

Thankfully when you do hit them their ships have 2 fewer hits than your standard vessel of the same size... But you do have to hit them first.

All this said, before we get to use these fleets in a game and with the Deadline Scenario in our campaign, I need to teach the guys how to play BFG first. So look forward to our tutorial battle coming soon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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