Sarah's Thunderwolf Cavalry

The most important part of any Space Wolf army in any edition (except 3rd Ed because they didn't exist) is the Thunderwolf Cavalry Section. With a brutal amount of attacks, speed, and wounds to go around these impressive mounted warriors can dominate the field if wielded effectively.

Sarah currently only has 3 models comprising a single unit of Thunderwolves, and this has been proven to be too few. My Death Guard army has no problem ripping through them with gun fire and close combat weapons before they can do any real damage. So we have decided she really needs to more (at laast three squads of three) to tip the odds in her favour.

Luckily Thunderwolves are quite inexpensive (power and points wise) so she will have no trouble wielding more, and she has another box of 3 to build.

As a mini Thunderwolves are beautiful and easy for anyone to paint: whether you are just a beginning learning to dry brush, or an expert looking for a standout piece. They are however a little difficult to assemble.

Since the wolves are balancing in mid-running potions it can be difficult to get them into a position where you can glue them tot he base and have them balance. So take your time, and use some stick tack to check fit before make any firm decisions.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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