The Death of Butters

Arachnophobia's Gnomish Beggar-Thief and Chris' Player Character Butters, was untrustworthy, disloyal, and an all around greedy and self serving individual. So it was no surprise to anyone (even Chris) that he came to a violent end trying to rip off the Thief's Guild in the troubled town of Malbridge.

The story goes that upon reaching the town of Malbridge -while travelling east towards John Quest to become a Greenwood Ranger- Butters encountered a fellow beggar and learned the location of the Thief’s Guild in town. He separated from the party, and entered the Guild Hall hidden underneath a small and unimposing house on the outskirts of town.

There he learned from a group of drunken thieves that they had stolen a fortune in gold -no less than 5000gp- and had hidden it outside of town. While two of the thieves drank themselves silly, one of them pulled Butters aside, and offered him a deal. The two of them could split the gold if Butters would dispose of his other two colleagues. He couldn't risk doing it himself or he would be removed from the guild and likely killed, so he needed Butters to do the deed.

Despite the obvious risks involved, Butters accepted, and slew the Thief's two comrades while they slept. He then met with the thief who cautiously lead Butters towards where the gold was kept. They both knew what coming.

Upon reaching the location, the Thief tried to kill Butters, but our Gnomish Beggar was too quick for him. Butters dodge the first blow, and return with a vicious swing from his Flail that broke the Thief's shin. He collapsed to the ground, and pleaded for Butters to spare him, but BUtters didn't listen, and finished him off with a flail to the face.

It seemed like he had done it! The gold was his, and it current owners were dead. The only problem now was that there was no way for a small gnome to move that much gold on his own. There was a cart near by, but still he would need the help of the party. He hummed and hawed, not wanting to share his spoils, but in the end returned to Malbridge, and told the rest of the party the tale of where he had been, and about the fortune he had "found".

After being forced to explain the details of this treasure a little more, Butters spilled the beans about where it came from, and how he had killed three men to get it. Despite this, Butters insisted that it didn't matter. The three were thieves after all, and at most they would only be stealing from bad men anyhow. This was argument wasn't all that convincing, and this split our predominantly good aligned party. OUt of the 8 other members, only two  -The Chronomancer Thomas, and the Chosen One Toby- elected to join him.

Insisting they would only be an hour or two, Toby, Thomas and Butters went out into the forest in the middle of the night. It had been an entire day since Butter's had last been to where the gold was hidden, and the three arrived to find that the cart was gone, and 8 Thieves from the Guild were there waiting for them with their weapons drawn.

Thomas seeing they were outnumbered fled; running into the woods leaving Toby and Butters to fend for themselves. Toby was surrounded and tried to fight them off, but in the end he was offered a chance to surrender and took it. They weren't after Toby, so he was bound, gagged, and left there in the clearing.

Meanwhile, Butters tried to fight his attackers, but overwhelmed, he turned and fled as well. Sadly a Gnome does not run very fast, and one of the thieves easily caught up with him, plunging a spear into his back.

The thieves left Butters' body to rot there, and he wasn't found by the rest of the party until early the next morning when they decided to go looking for their missing party members. No tears were shed for Butters loss, and even though he was a Player Character, even Thomas refused to attempt a Temporal Resurrection through Time Travel.

And that is the tale of how Chris and his player Butters, found 5000gp, and lost it all and his life within 24hours.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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