Forge World Death Guard Blightlord Terminators

About 3 months before they annouced 8th Edition Warhammer 40k, and began their massive overhaul of the Death Guard Chaos faction, I had one of the luckiest scores I have ever had on Ebay. The old Forgeworld Terminator conversions had been around since they introduced plastic Chaos Terminators, but unfortunately they were a little pricey: retailing for around $50 Canadian (after the exchange rate), and you still had to buy a pack of terminators on top of that!

Well I managed to find a set of these, shipping from my hometown of Toronto for $15. And then while visiting the UK last year with my wife, I purchased a box of Chaos Terminators to complete my conversions. This saved my a few more bucks as WH40k is a bit cheaper in it's native homeland than it is across the pond.

Well a little less than a year after assembling all of the pieces I finally got around to finishing these terminators! It also Complete my set of original Forge World Plague Marine models.

And yes. I know, I know, the barrels are painted not drilled. I have already been given some light-hearted flak about that on Instagram.  Unfortunately I do not have a drill bit (or a drill) I trust enough to do this properly... Yet.

The kit that I assigned to these terminators is largely based on the kit that was given to them on the Forge World Website. That features, 2 Power Fists, 2 Power Axes, 1 Chain-Fist, 1 Combi-Weapon and an Assault Cannon. I am not sure if this is the best layout to give them, but it is a small homage to models I dreamed of having as a kid.

In 8th Edition Terminators are incredibly powerful. Though slow moving -having their speed dropped to 5" or 4" for Death Guard Blightlord Terminators as they are in "Cataphractii Armour"- they make up for this by maintaining their Deepstrike ability (though it is called Teleport Strike now and works slightly differently), and more importantly gaining a second wound by virtue of their armour.

This is a huge power boost, and I think that it better fits the concept of Terminators being these unstoppable tanks on the field.

Having never played 8th edition. I am unsure exactly the best way to wield Blightlord terminators. Unlike their Deathshroud cousins who are clearly close-combat oriented, the Blightlord Terminators are more like classic Chaos Terminators in their weapons choices, giving them a blend of ranged and close combat.

So I will need to be thoughtful if I want to wield them at their maximum efficiency.

I will be playing my first game of 8th Ed soon! And of course I will be fielding my new unit of Blightlord Terminators in that very game! I hope to use them to counter's Sarah's Terminators that she used to devastate my forces last game. Fingers crossed that these guys prove up to the task.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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