The Waystones in Arachnophobia

Recently I created a bunch of CD based scatter terrain pieces in order to create a modular forest in the 15mm and 28mm scale. To add to that forest, had my friend 3D print a number of standing stones to represent the Waystones in my Arachnophobia Campaign.

Waystones are an important part of the druidic religions in my Arachnophobia World. They are magic standing stones of ancient origin that litter globe. They serve as multi-denominational shrines for passing travelers, and their magical aura prevents harm from coming to anyone who sleeps under them.

Further more anyone he sleeps beneath a Waystone experiences the same dream.

"Giants made of the mountains themselves stride across an ancient land: a barren waste of rock and lichen. Stone shards rain down from their towering figures, and land with a thud into the ground, forming the Waystone you now sleep beside."

The palyers have come to recognise these stones as holy places, and look forward to the respite they provide on their long and perilous journey.

On a side note they are also a good scale to use as objective markers in tabletop miniatures games like Warahmmer 40k. Something I very much look forward to trying out, as they are clearly marked, and seemingly important.

These standing stones are all from Thingiverse and are often based on the real thing from the British Isles. They make for a great ruin in a mysterious old forest, or as a powerful relic from a by-gone era.

I am sure whatever I am playing I will try to get them onto the tabletop some how.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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