Klaus the Elven Thief in 15mm

In Game 24 of JADE's 2nd ed AD&D campaign: Arachnophobia Jeff finally joined as an Elven thief. The original plan was for him to be a spy working for the cruel Count Oppelthor - the games villain for the past 16 games.

However Jeff decided that Count Oppelthor sounded like too much of wiener and didn't want to work for him, so instead, Klaus became a Nikovarian Spy on a missions to gather any and all info that could save his homeland of Nikovaria from the Spiders.

So posing as a disgraced thief from the Darfield Thief's Guild that needed to get out of town, Klaus joined the party to get closer to Toby Ryder (the potential saviour of humanity) and Thomas the Chronomancer.

His character is so deep cover, that his directives and mission are effectively his own. He will need to figure out what his next steps are and find a way to communicate with Nikovaria.

Since we like to play things a little more open handed in Arachnophobia, the players know Klaus' back story, however all their character's know is that he definitely doesn't work for Count Oppelthor, he is Nikovarian, and he likely has a military background.

So far he helped them escape Darfield after being declared criminals for "kidnapping" Toby, and has gotten thrown back in time a month with the rest of the party. So how exactly he will go about his mission we will have to see, but I am sure it will be slow and methodical.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. Seems like a curious character. Wonder what he'll do in the end.

  2. Me too! I am interested to see where he ends up and if he can actually pull off his mission or if it will just end in disaster.