The Village of Warrem

In Game 16 of JADE's 2nd ed AD&D Campaign Arachnophobia, Thomas the Chronomancer was in the process of convincing the townsfolk that the village was about to come under attack from bandits. In response I quickly threw together this map for the game that would allow him set up his forces and defenses with the resources available.

Of course there were no bandits, it was simply the rest of the party that Thomas was mad at for abandoning him to follow what he saw as a ridiculous quest involving a crow and a mysterious key. Luckily he was with one of the parties NPCs Lethoras who is Lawful Good and made the Choatic Neutral Chronomancer fess up to the fact that in in all likelihood no one was coming.

So this map never got used. I made it in gimp by tracing over top of a crudely drawn map that I created while on a train in Scotland.

Written by: Andrew Gregory 
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