Sir Gavriel de Ponce

Since Game 8 of Arachnophobia the party has been pursued by a mysterious figure known as Count Opplethor. Seemingly interested in the rumours of some sort of messiah coming from the North, he has been trying to kidnap Toby, and question anyone with or around him. After eluding the Count's men him for six games, one of Opplethor's agent's -Gavriel de Ponce- caught up with the party in the small village of Penkurth.

There de Ponce and his men imprisoned two members of the party and killed three others before riding back south towards Darfield. The survivors of Penkurth caught up with de Ponce in the town of Norwich, where they (after a couple attempts by virtue of time travel) were able to free their imprisoned party members.

To match the rest of the my town guards, and act as a generic leader for them, I painted de Ponce with yellow accents, but made him stand out by painting his cape purple. I think it gives him a heir of command as I am sure his mini will be used again.

Gavriel de Ponce's 15mm mini comes from Splintered Light Miniatures, and can be found in their historic section under the Saxons section.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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