Tana Lohs the Half-Elf Fighter

After defeating Gavriel de Ponce, Robert "Robbie" Castille the Steward of Norwich helped the party yet again by having the Fighter Tana Lohs come along with them. The Half-Elven Woman owed Robbie a favour, and in exchange for accompanying the party he considered it absolved. He also made it quite clear if she refused she would be arrested.

Tana lohs is a brawler and gambler and since she was been introduced in Game 20 (the last game in the first chapter) the party doesn't know much about her beyond that.

In game terms Tana Lohs is a level 4 Half-Elf Fighter in 2nd ED AD&D. She is a bit of a loose cannon so we will have to see how long she manages to stay with the group before she gets herself killed or into more trouble than she is worth.

Tana Lohs' mini is from Alternative Armies, where they have several 15mm fantasy lines, and can be found in their Female Adventures pack.

Written by: Andrew gregory

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