A Few More Fantasy TARDIS Rules

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After introducing the Fantasy TARDIS into JADE's Arachnophobia Game 20 any progress ground to a halt as the group argued about the implications of the TARDIS. As the DM I had done my homework in designing the TARDIS, figuring its internal volume and dimensions, how you breath inside of it, etc.  However the group had a lots of questions that I didn't have answers for and so we settled them together.

Here are a few more rules to address the many questions the group had about the TARDIS.

1. You cannot see into or out of the TARDIS. You must enter or exist the dimensional pocket in order to see. The same is true for hearing.

2. The dimensional pocket inside the TARDIS is not influenced by external factors. Thus it will not shake, tilt, etc. if the exterior of the TARDIS is so affected. Internal factors can shake the TARDIS, such as spells cast inside of it, etc.

3. Players may grab items from within the TARDIS by simply reaching into the door with a desire for a specific item. That item will appear before the player within easy reach. This can seem very strange for anyone inside the TARDIS at the time as objects will teleport to the entrance.

4. Any Structural changes made to the TARDIS must be done by a Master Craftsmen, and the quality must be Mastercrafted. This does not include maintenance, such as polishing, or painting. Neither does it include decorative changes, such as hanging pictures, or attaching decorative plants holders to the walls.

5. The TARDIS is water tight. However due to the weight of wheels and yoke, the TARDIS will sink if placed in fresh or salt water. Due to the magical nature of the TARDIS there is no depth that will crush it.

Those five points took quite a while to figure and we spent more than 2 hours debating them. If you have any more questions please ask them in the comments we will gladly figure them out with you.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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