Zander the Halfling Thief

After Chris' first 2nd ed Player Character Butters was killed by the Malbridge Thief's Guild, he pondered what he was going to do next. He considered being a Fighter, but out of nine party members, they already had fuve warriors, so instead he chose to go for another thief, this time choosing a Halfling named Zander to get those racial sneak bonuses for being so small.

Zander's family were once nobility, but sadly the ruthless Count Opplethor swindled them out of their lands and titles, leaving them no better off than paupers. One night while praying for guidance Zander was given a vision by the gods to go to Chester and seek aid from the Wizard there. Once he arrived, the Wizard of Chester quickly imprisoned him; keeping him in his tower in Chester. It was a gilded cage, but a cage none the less.

After a month, Zander had almost given up hope of escape, and the return of his family lands and titles seemed hopeless. Then one evening a group of travellers claiming to be from the North, and headed East on a quest from the Gods, granted him an opportunity to escape.

Zander warned them that the Wizard would not let them leave, and when this was made abundantly clear, Thomas the Chronomancer simply Time Slipped himself, John the Ranger, and Zander out of the Material Prime and in to the Temporal Prime. There, they travelled back 5 hours to a time before they ever entered Chester.

They arrived back in the Material Prime close to the party, and explained the events. This wasn't the first time they'd had to put up with time travel shenanigans, so they agreed to go around the city. Zander claimed to know the way, and began leading the party for the next two days. He was successful though admittedly that was through shear luck rather than knowledge and guided the party around Chester. After his initial success with the party, Zander earned a reputation as some one to be trusted, a much different relationship than the party had with Butters.

Zander's mini is From Splintered Light miniatures, though I had to remove the club and replace it with a tiny scythe of green stuff to fit the character.

Chris' new character has seen two games so far, and fingers crossed he will see many more.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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