Last Week With JADE: Warhammer 40k and Terra Mystica

February is always a busy month for me personally: I have a Birthday, an anniversary, and valentines day on top of the usual happenings. So often gaming suffers a little bit in February for JADE, but last week we got some good stuff done.

Over the passed month or so, I have been making an effort to get together with Sarah once a week to paint Warhammer 40k stuff. And it has let us get somethings done that have been waiting for a while.

Above, is my recently repainted old Chaos Rhino from when I was a teenager. I refurbished it with some black spray paint and Forge World Brass Insignia. You can check it out in more detail here: Chaos Rhino 315

And over the month, I was able to finish my 10 man Forge World Plague Marine Squad. Which you can check out in detail here: Forge World Plague Marines

I am currently working on a second Chaos Rhino and Sarah is almost finished her Space Wolf Terminators which you will see on the blog soon.

I am also really pleased to say that we finally got around to trying out Terra Mystica: the number 2 game on BoardGameGeek. Terra Mystica is all about Terra-forming Land, Upgrading Buildings, and scoring victory points. It is a really great game with multiple levels of strategy, that Dave and I in our two player game only scratched the surface of.

There is talk about scheduling another game of this week, so that Elijah and Jeff can join in. Check our Twitter and Instagram @jadegamingnewsfor pictures of that game this week!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Last Week With JADE: Warhammer 40k and Terra Mystica Last Week With JADE: Warhammer 40k and Terra Mystica Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 2/08/2016 02:00:00 pm Rating: 5

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