15 Giant Crabs

Since Game 1 of Hymns of a Vagabond The Dm Adam and I have been talking about a town called Osteyek; which is the largest settlement in the area. My current character, Akelius Flint has never been there before, but knows Osteyek for its claim to fame: Giant Crabs. They are delicious, and mostly shipped out of town to be consumed by the world's elite, as a delicacy.

Crabbing is the main industry in Osteyek and attracts adventurers for and wide, who are hired by different Crab Brokers to travel into the swamps and kill and capture these beasts. Obviously that was where my character was going to end up. 

It took me a while to find something suitable for 15mm Giant Crabs. To my knowledge there is no regular miniature for a Giant Crab in the 15mm scale, so I had to do some looking for a regular sized 28mm crab mini to fit the bill. These are the minis I found, and they are from a familiar set from Reaper Miniatures.

They were perfect. But there was one problem: Reaper only sells this crab in a set of three other familiars, none of which I wanted. I needed at least 3 crabs, and didn't want to spend almost $30 on something so meager.

Luckily, they sell the individual bits from the pack; unluckily each crab comes with a this stupid octopus wearing an old diving helmet:

Seriously, I hate this thing... And I have 3 of them.
But regardless, I have my 15mm Giant Crabs and they are awesome, so I can't complain much.

I imagine I will get to face these in the next few games or so, and I couldn't be more excited. I intentionally painted them like the Mud Crabs from Skyrim to fit this role. Just a little homage to a fantastic title.

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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