Sarah's Space Wolf Terminators

A Couple years back as a Christmas Gift, I gave my younger sister Sarah these 3 Pewter Space Wolf Terminators. She had started to use Terminators in her army and remember which model was subbing in for which was getting confusing. She needed something proper to stand in.

So I scoured Ebay and found these three Terminators with Assault Cannons (That is what they are called right? I am a Chaos Space Marine Player and we don't have those.) Despite their weaponry I figured they would fit the roll perfectly.

Well, we kind of fell out of the hobby for a bit, but this year we decided to pick it up again in earnest. And it has been a great success, as Sarah finished her first full squad!

These guys were really the test for Sarah's paint scheme. She had tried a couple of colour combos before, but settled on this for how classic and sharp it looked over a black primer.

She also made sure to pay pay attention to the details, and really study how she wanted to bring her Space Wolf Paint Scheme to life. I think she did a great job, making her first three Games Workshop minis look the part.

This was also her first time doing basing for which we used some snow flock, and Grass tufts mimicking the terrain of Fenris; homeworld of the Space Wolves.

Sarah's Next projects are her Army's HQ Njal Stormcaller and Her Venerable Dreadnought, which we assembled last night. Soon her Space Wolves will be ready to go!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. Nice , some really old school Space Wolves Terminators.