The Maps of Interstellar Exports Part VII

System 0604
In Interstellar Exports Game 8 (on the blog soon!) as the crew of the Hornby was fleeing from the planet Mycra they mis-jumped yet again, sending them careening through the galactic sub-sector. Now the frequency of mis-jumps has been partially because we were not handling the jump rules correctly, but for an "in-game" explanation, we like to think that this mis-jump was due to the Honrby's new crew getting used to her operation.

So instead of heading for system 0207 as they intended, they went the exact opposite direction, landing themselves in System 0604: The Telvin System.

The Telvin System is ruled by a strange species that uses a different energy source for their star ships... Which has a nasty habit of causing fluctuations in standard Galactic Council ship's power systems. Which the Hornby and her crew experienced immediately upon entering the system; causing the lights and computer systems to dim and malfunction.

Telvin I

The first planet in the Telvin System is the source of the system's strange power source. It is a closely guarded secret, and you must have a pass code to open the hidden hangar doors, and enter the underground mining operation. Failure to provide this code will often be met with a violent response.

Telvin II
Telvin II is a mystery even to the system's natives. Covered in a thick purple gas that defies analysis, Telvin II is considered a Class T gas giant (meaning it is unusual) but no one is certain if it is a gas giant at all. Any probe that has been sent into the atmosphere has been lost contact and so it will likely remain a mystery for some time.

Telvin III
Telvin III is the only M class planet (earth-like for you non-Star Trek geeks) in the system and the home of the Telvins. The Telvins are quite a technologically advanced society, and their cities are gleaming paradises compared to many other worlds. Unfortunately the Crew of the Hornby never got a chance to see them.

Telvin IV
Telvin IV is a class K world (habitable using pressure domes) and is currently undergoing a long-term terraforming project. It has been going on for almost a century, and only recently have the lichen populations actually started to thrive. However this has not stopped the Telvins for colonizing it with almost 2,000,000 of their citizens.

Telvin V
Telvin V was the only planet in the system that Captain Dry and his crew actually visited. Currently there are no less than 10 orbital mining station extracting the valuable Astrodyanide that they then sell to the Galactic Council as star ship fuel. Dry was escorted to this planet so he could use his ship's fuel scoops to refuel and then was escorted out of the system: Telvins don't have much use for outsiders.

Telvin VI
The final planet in the Telvin System in Tevlin VI. In orbit is the Telvin VI Station, which houses the systems local police force. Thankfully the Hornby and her crew only had a run in with the Police Cutters in the system, who were more than happy to help them leave, rather than force them to submit to an inspection at the station.

After system 0604, the crew jumped to System 0708: the Voodar System which we looked at in The Maps of Interstellar Exports Part III. From there they jumped to system 0509, which we will look at in the Maps of Interstellar Exports Part VIII next time!

See you among the stars!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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