Yarlac the Mob Boss

With the Criminal organization the Draco Syndicate chasing after the intrepid crew of the S.S. Hornby, it was time they met one of the higher ups of the Mafia-esque organization.

In Interstellar Exports Game 6, and 7 The crew of the Hornby encountered this goodfella. This first time was an innocent exchange of a business card. The second was more sinister.

This mini is from 15mm Co. And it one of my favourites. To make it look like the chair is hovering, I used a small piece of 22 gauge wire and some green stuff to prop him up. Worked well given his 15mm scale.

Yarlac controls the collection scam on the Planet Mycra: collecting the religious donations and selling them off throughout the galaxy with the help of the largest company in the known universe - Interstellar Exports.

Captain Dry and his crew narrowly escaped from Yarlac and his thugs as they tried to steal the mysterious case given to the party in Game 2.

Who knows if they have seen the last of Yarlac, but he is used to getting what he wants.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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