Beltrex, The Demon Merc

In Interstellar Exports Game 9 our group of travellers encounter a similar group in a much smaller vessel. Beltrex the Demon-Man was the first officer of that crew, and the most intimidating of the bunch.

This mini comes from Khurasan Minitures' 15mm Sci-fi line and is part of the starship crew.

Wielding a grenade launcher and a flak jacket,  Beltrex is a pretty bad ass character, although in game 9 his aim left a little something to be desired. You see, more often than not his grenades went wide; ricocheting dangerously around the room. And he never even apologized!

Whether or not Beltrex will survive his adventure in the derelict Starship of Game 9 remains to be seen. But watching where those grenades fly will certainly help.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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