Captain Harry Wallace

Captain Harry Wallace is the captain of the mercenary ship that our Captain Dry and the crew of the Hornby encountered in Interstellar Exports Game 9.

This mini is from Khurasan Miniatures and can be found in their 15mm sci-fi section with the space ship crew.

Captain Harry Wallace has been a traveller for some time 15 years. It all began when he was 18, when he took a job as a scout for the Galactic Council. Things didn't go as planned and he ended up turning to mercenary work after his ship was attacked.

He was able to convince the pirates to let him join  their crew, and worked with them for a number of years before stealing a vessel and heading to the stars. He has seen a lot of the galaxy in his life, and is always ready for an adventure.

After encountering Captain Dry and the Hornby around an asteroid in system 0207, he agreed to join forces with him and his crew while they explored the ship.

A confrontation with a dozen strange aliens infesting the ship, and losing one of his crew members, has rattled the once steady captain, and he is anxious to leave and return to the safety of the open stars.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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