The S.S. Hornby

At the end of Interstellar Exports Game 3, the party of adventures found themselves with a new ship, and I found myself without a mini to represent their new ship. The group had managed to commandeer a Gazelle Class Close Escort using nothing but a few gauss rifles, and more luck than a bag of Horseshoes.

After that game, I spent ages looking for the right model. Nothignseemed quite right (both in design and price), but I finally settled on this wonderful model from Khurasan Miniatures.

What was originally the S.S. Garner, and then Renamed the S.S. Hornby after its capture it, has a crew compliment of eight, 4 turret mounted lazer batteries, and a sizeable cargo bay for those ill gotten goods. One of the player characters,  Dry, renamed the ship the Hornby after his fallen friend and captain, James Hornby; who died storming the ship with him.

With the last captain dead, the mantel of captain was passed over to Dry who became the new command of the S.S. Hornby.

After commandeering the vessel, Captain Dry returned to a space port to refuel, and of course get a custom paint job. It didn't come cheap, but it was well worth the money. Now that the ship's logo printed was on the side, it was time to take their stolen ship to the stars and seek their fortune.

However, after their first jump, disaster struck. In system 0505, Dry was hospitalized after getting tricked by a group of bandits posing as Space Pilgrims. And, to make things worse, a confrontation with the criminal Draco Syndicate killed the only three other crew members, including one of the Player characters. It would seem that the S.S. Hornby was cursed.

Thankfully, Dry recovered from his wounds, and was able to scrounge up enough of a crew to get away from the Syndicate controlled planet. Though it wasn't a clean get away. A Misjump sent them hurtling around through 4 different star systems to get back on track.

So the first few jumps with the Hornby were mared with misfortune, but now that they crew has had some seasoning with her controls I am sure they will fly her to the riches they seek.

Written By: Andrew Gregory

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