The Kensai

With JADE's Oriental Adventures Campaign going on, I had to get this guy. This Sword Master from Reaper Miniatures, is a fantastic Samurai, but works even better for the Oriental Adventures class; the Kensai.

Kensai's are sword masters and get awesome bonuses when using a katana, making them deadly fighters.

While, I could have painted my Kensai in more complex colours, we were using him as an NPC in Oriental Adventures Game 3, and I decided to match the character of a simple man who lives by a creek. His blue flowing robes matching his calm lifestyle, the red belt as a reminder of passion of fury.  His sword is plane and simple, no gold no ornamentation.

I can't wait to see him in action in other games. He is going to tear up the table! I also want to use him as a player character. How a bout a recreation of Yojimbo using 1st ed Oriental Adventures? Yes, let's do that.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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