James Hornby

For JADE's first Traveller game, we dove into the 15mm realm.  Game Designers Workshop released 15mm Traveller minis back in the 80's, so using some of the RAFM reissues of those models and a few from the 15mm Co., we got ready for our first Science Fiction adventure.

James Hornby is Elijah's First Traveller character, and he has had quite an exciting past.

James spent the first 12 years of his life as Courier travelling the Galaxy. Over the years he learned a great deal about the Galaxy, and created a detailed Star Chart of the Galaxy.

James left the Courier Service after an incident involving a wealthy and powerful Cythonian named Garlon the Destroyer. James was to deliver a vaccine to contain an outbreak of Rodani Fever on Cython III, but was instead attacked by the Cythonian Cutters upon entering the system. As a result James was never able to deliver the Vaccine and Garlon the Destroyer's daughter was killed by the fever, and Garlon has sworn vengeance and has been trying to hunt down James ever since.

The incident with Garlon the Destroyer got James fired from the Courier service, but he still had his map of the galaxy, and a scout ship he had earned for his year of service. So with that information, he set out to join the Merchants Guild.

However, being the rough and tumble fellow that he was James, was kicked out of the Merchants Guild for participating in some less then legal transactions involving computer components.

Not knowing what else to do, James then joined with the small band of pirates that had stolen the computer components, and spent four years pillaging and stealing for a living. It was during this time that you encountered Gary Oak. Gary Oak employed many of the pirates, fencing their stolen goods, and suggesting targets to be attacked. He was a wealthy and successful man, and was impressed with the quality of James Hornby's Star Charts. So impressed, that he stole them.

Gary Oak had James and three other pirates Kevin, Natasha, and Telar take his scout ship out to a remote system, to steal bio-samples from a secret lab he had learned about.

It was a trap. Kevin Natasha and Telar double crossed Gary, knocking him unconscious and stealing his ships computer, and fuel.

He drifted out in space for almost two years, living off of rations until a navy cruiser found him and towed him to the Orion XII station.
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