Jeff's first Traveller character is a little unconventional.

You see, when creating Dave and Elijah's characters, Jeff had to work and couldn't make it. So naturally after creating Elijah's and Dave's characters, the three of us began discussing what Jeff could be. The clear choice was robot.

We quickly texted Jeff, he agreed , and I started researching how exactly to make a player a robot.

I found the rules in an only on-line Travller book called Robots, Downloaded it, and away I went.

Jeff's character is a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that was created by Dave's first Traveller character, stolen by Gary Oak, only to be stolen again by Dave's character Dry. The program was supposed to go into the most sophisticated robot body in the galaxy, but instead was put in a 20,000 credit modified Survey Drone with on board computer systems.

It was after all, all that James and Dry could afford.

James and Dry named the robot Caesar, and the name stuck.

Caesar has a little bit of trouble figuring out how he is supposed to act in many circumstances, and is only really beginning to become self-aware. That being siad, he is also only a day old!

It will be interesting to see how Jeff progresses Caesars character as he learns new things and gets access to bigger and better computers.
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