The Canines

In JADE's Traveller campaign: Insterstellar Exports, rather than using the standard Vargr race from the Traveller rulebook, I replaced them with the Canines.

The Canines were genetically engineered by the Zhodani to fight in their wars. The Zhodani appear as gods to them and demanded that they serve them and fight for them in the "War of the Heavens."

More than 200 years ago the Canines realised that the Zhodani had been lying to them, and threw off their oppressors, forming an empire of their own.

Canines are a common species throughout the Galaxy, and are known for their short tempers, but there are exceptions to every rule.

These guys are from the RAFM New Traveller minis, and use on the original sculpts from the 1983 boxed set.
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