The Judges

As soon as I learned that 15mm Co. made judges in their Laserburn line, I had to have some! I love Judge Dredd in all of his forms, and these minis were just too good to pass up!

I figured they would work well as station security or a town constabulary... And it would also eventually let us check out the Judge Dredd Traveller RPG!

I went for the classic black suits over the blue. I always liked that a little better. Makes them look a little more intimidating.

I am not sure what it is about Judge Dredd I like so much. Maybe it is just how ruthless he is, but either way, they make good guards.

Our Player characters have been wise enough to avoid station security so far, knowing how how lethal Traveller Combat Can be. However I suspect they will have a run in with them in the not so distant future.

Besides... I really want to use them in a fight!
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