Cobblepot's Big Score Game 6

Game Master: Elijah
Game Edition: D&D 5
Players: Jeff, Andrew, Dave
Starting Level: 5
Current Level:6

Quote of the Evening:
"But how do we know if he is telling the truth?" -Cobblepot

"Guys, he's telling the truth, just let him out." -DM


Last game the party completed their quest for Crocodile Daryl, but were stopped from delivering the stolen item by a mysterious robbed figure.

Ain't it always the way though?
This figure rendered The Penguin Bard Cobblepot (Bard), The Shark Monk Sharky (Andrew) and Legion the Sorcerer Psychic Collective of Turtles (Dave) unconscious.

Any money says we wake up in a dungeon.

Scene 1 Waking Up in a Dungeon, and All That Entails.

Cobblepot, Sharky and Legion woke up in a room, with an unnatural glow. It seemed as though the place itself had been chiselled from the rock, and there was not a torch in sight: the walls themselves were glowing.

As their eyes adjusted to their surroundings, Cobblepot found a door, and with a snap of his fingers, Sharky broke it down.

Two Robed figures in the hallway outside we knocked to the ground with the force of a natural 20 strength check against the door. Sharky exploded out from behind and tried to grab at the creatures, but they were too slippery.

The party's captors hoods fell back revealing them to be frogs, and they stood ready to fight the escapees. Down the hall, two more frogs joined the fight drawing their bows and arrows.

Slippery little bastards!
The party fought with rage, but their opponents were quick and strong. In the end 6 of the Frogs lay slain on the ground, and one had fled. But it came at a high cost: each of the party was well below 50% health.

Scene 2 Strange Symbols. A Prisoner.

Leaving the cell block, the party followed the tunnels until they came to a strange open door along the passage. Inside there were four locked doors and two open ones.

In each of the open rooms there were strange symbols that adorned the walls, and altars that lay in each of them. Sharky thought that they must have some religious importance though he did not know what.

Respectfully the party backed out of the rooms, and inspected the locked doors. from behind the first one they checked, a small and weak voice came, asking them for help.

He explained that he was The Baron Morris of Maple County and had been captured a few days ago. He also promised to heal, and reward them if they helped him escape.

No one in the party was willing to trust him and spent a solid ten minutes, debating, and demanding to know more information. And that was where our quote of the evening came from.

Elijah (Our DM), finally fed up with our constant probing just told us,

"Guys, he's telling the truth, just let him out."

We really are a suspicious bunch
Cobblepot finally decided to release the prisoner and had Sharky break the door down. The skink prisoner seemed true to his word and used his spells to heal Cobblepot and Sharky.

Continuing the search for a way out, the other locked doors in this chamber proved of no interest, so the party left the room and continued down the corridor. The walls still glowed with an unnatural light, and no one could shake the feeling that they were being watched.

Scene 3 Wizards. The Focus Orb.

The tunnel opened up into a large chamber. In the centre, more robed figures huddled together performing a strange ritual. Before any in the group knew what was going on, another 4 frogs jumped in front of them and attacked.

Legion had had enough of this, and began casting Fireball after Fireball at the wizards in the centre, while Cobblepot and Sharky battled the attacking frogs.

Nothing is worse than wizard Frogs!
Legion's fury defeated the wizards while Cobblepot and Sharky dealt with the melee combatants, and of course Baron Morris, used his healing magic to keep the party alive.

After each frog was slain a podium began to lift from the floor. On it sat the Focus Orb. The frogs had pried it from the Lady Clarissa's Necklace and were apparently about to preform some ceremony involving it.

Cobblepot didn't care what they were doing. He snatched his prize from the Pedestal, and looked for a way out.

He saw one at the back of the chamber, where a ladder lead up to a door way on a small platform some 50 feet up. Seemed as good a way to go as any.

Scene 4 Climb!

About half way up the ladder the sound of yelling, and the running of dozens of webbed feet echoed into the chamber.

"Climb!" Shouted Cobblepot.

As fast as they could climbed with Cobblepot leading the way followed by Legion, Sharky and finally the Baron Morris.

The frogs rushed into the room, and Cobblepot made it up onto the ledge. The others were close behind, but the Baron Morris had other ideas.

He couldn't let the eye fall into Crocodile Daryl's hands. He pulled out his knife and cut Sharky's belt. The Baron thought that Sharky was carrying the Item. However, while Sharky did fetch the item for Cobblepot, he had given it to him soon after.

It was a bittersweet victory however, as all Sharky's gold was on his belt, and he could only watch it fall into the swarming frogs below.

Angered, He kicked the Skink Baron in the face as hard as he could; sending the reptilian nobleman into the jittering mass of Frogs, and his death.

I am not good at drawing frogs looking up at things.

Scene 5 The Ledge. The End.

Sharky pulled himself up on the ledge, and Legion unleashed a fiery hell of Fire Bolts down the ladder. Smoked filled the room, and the sounds of screaming frogs echoed around the chamber.

With the ladder secured for the time being, Cobblepot turned his attention tot he door behind them. It was locked.

Giving a snap of his fin, Cobblepot signalled Sharky to break down the door. It was a fatal mistake.

As Sharky's mass burst through the door, three Frogs stood ready with halberds, each striking him as he entered the room. In his battered state, Sharky couldn't withstand the blows, and he fell to the ground dead.

A tight squeeze.
*There was some dispute around the table as to whether or not the frogs behind the door deserved  the surprise round over Sharky. What do you think?*

Cobblepot and Legion, had no time to grieve as they turned to fight the three frogs. With Legion distracted, the frogs at the bottom of the ladder, began their climb, quickly surrounding the Penguin and the Turtles.

This ledge is too damn small.
It seemed hopeless, but then the door in the chamber behind them burst open, and Two Lion Guards clad in Full Platemail stormed into the battle.

They slaughtered the frogs with ease, and then turned to Fight Cobblepot and Legion.

With a blow to the head, Cobblepot fell unconscious leaving Legion to his own devices.

Feeling terrified, and sad at the loss of his friend Sharky, Legion fought back tears and used Gas Form on himself. As the Lions were tying up Cobblepot, he slipped past them, and out through the door. He found a ladder that lead up to the street, and fled into the town when he was at the top.

Legion vowed to free Cobblepot. However, he would need to find him first.

But that is another story.


Cobblepot awoke to find himself in prison. His body ached from his injuries, and his pride was wounded. HIs possessions and the Focus Orb had been taken from him by the Guards. At least the frogs didn't have it.

It would seem that Cobblepot's Big Score was rewarded to him in the form of a lengthy prison sentence.

With that we conclude JADE's first 5th edition Campaign.  Thanks Elijah for taking us on that wacky adventure! I am sure we will be returning your Anthropomorphic world in another adventure soon.

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