The Conquest of Frey: Chapter 1: Game 3

Game Master: Dave
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Andrew, Jeff, Elijah
Starting Level: 5

Quote of the Evening:

"I wink at the barmaid."
"I wink at the bartender."
"I wink at Raskavas."


Just like the game before, we found ourselves at the Tavern. Raskavas and Dwannis had managed to remove the Frunner's family from the picture, but the land wasn't exactly ours yet. We needed to get the town to recognize our claim, hopefully our forger would do an adequate job on the deed. BUt we would still need to get it notarized.

We returned to find Dwannis Muck-Mug the Duergar Necromancer and Raskavas the Drow fighter trying to get a meal at the Tavern. Perhaps Bodie the Duergar Bard would lend us a hand?

Scene 1 The Tavern.

Returning to the tavern may have been a bad idea: Raskavas managed to offend the barmaid, the barkeeper, and almost everyone in the place, while Dwannis' garbage smelling, dirty self, was not exactly a welcome sight in the establishment. The barmaid immediately recognized Raskavas, and moved to tell the barkeeper who would most likely kick Raskavas and Dwannis to the curb. It seemed their attempt to get food was doomed and they were pretty damn hungry.

Luckily there was another Duergar in the Tavern that neither Dwannis or Raskavas had noticed; a bard by the name of Bodie! Seeing our need, he got up from his table stopping the barmaid as she went by. Using his Diplomacy skill, and rather high charisma for a Duergar, Bodie was able to seduce her before she had a chance to inform her employer that Raskavas and Dwannis had arrived. As Bodie and the barmaid disappeared up stairs, Dwannis went up to the counter and ordered some food, paying with one of the gold pieces he had found on the ship.  The Barkeeper never even knew Raskavas was there.

Bodie returned after his romp, introducing himself to Dwannis and Raskavas just as they finished their meal. Bodie seemed an odd fellow, a little on the crazy side, but he thought that Dwannis and Raskavas would give him a good adventure and he agreed to join us.

As the three of them left the bar, the Barkeeper and Barmaid noticed them. And this is where the quote of the evening comes from. I am sure you can piece together who said what.

Scene 2 The Farm of Mayhem!

Dwannis, Raskavas and Bodie left the tavern. Dwannis actually managed to explain to Bodie about the poisoned pig products and about the pig farm outside of town. Dwannis felt that they should investigate the people who were trying to poison our kin, and Raskavas and Bodie agreed whole heartedly.  They didn't really plan anything other then going to the farm, and the fact finding mission quickly turned into a full fledged raid.

Balish Runik and his Wife Mares Runik, had been Bellwick's pig farmers for many years. As the party approached the farm, Bodie suggested that Dwannis and Raskavas hide the Barn. He would then tell them it was on fire, and when they came running out we would kill them, and search the house. It was silly plan, but it worked! Well at least to begin with. Balish and His Wife came running out of their house.

Dwannis recognized them as the people who were given the mysterious package from Aris Vloren at the Apothecary shop in the first adventure. That was all the evidence they needed. Raskavas and Dwannis ran out of the barn and attacked them. They quickly slew his wife, and Dwannis blinded Balish, but the commotion did not go unnoticed. A passing guard unit stopped and started to approach us, twenty men in all.

Dwannis was about to blast them with a fireball, when Bodie suggested an Alternate route. He used his Disguise Self spell, to disguise himself as a guard, and then approached the column.

He told them that the Runik's barn was on fire and that he had been sent to investigate. The captain almost believed him, but ordered him to wait there while he confirmed those orders. They had no intention of staying.

Scene 3 The Flight Through the Forest.

Bodie returned telling Raskavas and Dwannis that the guards would probably return in fifteen minutes. Dwannis quickly searched the house, and found nothing. Balish was apparently a poor man. His house was barren, and I didn't even find a silver coin. Raskavas and Bodie found some rope and tied up Balish. Their thought was to bring him back to Frunner's for Questioning. Finding no information in the house Dwannis agreed this was a good idea. However, realizing they couldn't exactly drag a tied up man along the main roads. So they decide to take the long way, through the forest, a day and half's trek. Without much preparation we gagged Balish and left his farm heading into the woods.

The Road leading to Bellwick forked into two, and the fastest way was to cross both of them. Dwannis was nervous about this, as it would expose them to anyone who happened to be on the road. But Bodie assured Dwannis that he could deal with any passing strangers.

As we approach the first crossing, we see a Horse Drawn cart slowly lumbering down the road. Bodie asks Raskavas and Dwannis to take Balish down a ways so they can pass behind the cart as he stops it. Raskavas and Dwannis got into position, and then Bodie just walked out into the road playing his Bagpipes. He was in fact using a Fascinate spell on the man, and we used the diversion to cross the road unnoticed. After playing the bag pipes, Bodie continued to chat with the traveler, and learned he was a Fish vendor on his way home. Bodie bid him well and continued on his way, slipping back into the woods.

As the group came to the second road, they spied a group of traveling elves and dwarves who had setup camp on the side of the road. Like before, Bodie had them get into position. Though this time, he used his Disguise Self Spell to appear to them a Dwarf. Then he walked out and used his Bardic Music to fascinate them as Raskavas and Dwannis dragged Balish passed them. Again this worked like a charm and they disappeared into the forest.

Scene 4 The Goblin Camp.

Night was falling and in the darkness, the thick woods were difficult to navigate. But one beacon shown through the darkness: the flickering light of a camp fire. Raskavas tied Balish to a tree and the three approached the light carefully. A crude camp had been laid, and seven goblins mulled about. Dwannis had an idea to distract though using a Ghostly Images Spell, but most of the group didn't notice it! With only some distracted, Dwannis ended the image, which shocked those who had seen it, putting the rest of the camp on guard.

Bodie thought that he might be able to talk to the goblins, but he was defeintly incorrect. He completely botched the negotiations and the goblins attacked us. If it hadn't been for Raskavas, who managed to drop four of the goblins Dwannis and Bodie would have been dead.

The Group, exhausted, decided to use the goblins camp for the night, and Bodie and Dwannis sat down to rest. Raskavas went out into the woods to retrieve Balish, only to find that he had freed himself from his bindings. But being blind, he hadn't got far. Raskavas knocked him to the ground and tied him back up again. Laughing at the poor man. After bringing him back to the camp sight, everyone checked the ropes.

Raskavas took the first watch that night. Bodie sacrificed his spells for the following day and took the second watch, so Dwannis could recharge his spells.

The following morning everyone was pretty hungry. No one had eaten in almost a day and a half, and they had no fresh water. Luckily (by grace of the DM) Dwannis was able to use his alchemy skill and identify a group of mushrooms the party could eat. On that meager meal, Raskvas Dwannis and Bodie grabbed Balish and dragged him to Frunner's.

Scene 5 The Torture at Frunner's.

Back to Frunner's, the group found an angry note nailed to the door. Apparently some customer of Frunner's was dissatisfied with the lack of service. After all they had had an appointment. Dwannis used the note to light the fire place inside.

After tidying up a bit, Dwannis went outside and grabbed a fishing road. For the next few hours he sat there and caught dinner for the three of them.

Bodie and Raskavas on the other hand tended to Balish. They took him behind the shack, and the proceeded to torture him. Hey, they are Chaotic Evil. They did learn that Balish was essentially an unwitting pawn. Aris Vloren had given him the package claiming it would improve the health of the Drow and Duergar. He didn't know it was poison, he was a actually trying to help our people. But stupidity is no excuse. after learning this Bodie put the poor man out of his misery and dumped his corpse of the dock.

Everyone rested for the rest of the day, eating fish and planning their next steps. They needed to get the copy of the deed from the forger.

Scene 6 The Deed.

The following day, the party returned to Bellwick bringing two boats with them. They hoped to find the forger as well as bring supplies back to Frunner's. Dwannis found the forger in the slums, and he had done an exquisite job on the deed. They paid him twenty gold pieces for the deed, and then Raskavas has another idea. He offered twenty more gold to him if he would tell Drow and Duergar to join our cause at Frunner's. He agreed and disappeared back into the slums.

The three of them then went over to the town offices outside of Mayor Dorren Glenrak's mansion to get the deed notarized. Dwannis and Raskavas decide to wait outside while Bodie used a Disguise Self Spell to appear as a regular dwarf. He walked into the office and announced how the Frunner's had left town and sold the property to him. Surprisingly the clerk believes him and the new deed and change of ownership get ratified!

Frunner's became the first head quarters of the Drow and Duergar uprising.

Scene 7 Hey Big Spender.

With the Forger gathering followers for Frunner's, Raskavas and Dwannis decided that they would stock up on as much supplies as possible. They spent  almost all of their money, but in the end they come away with , a crate of Potatoes, Yams, a barrel Dried Beef and one of Pork, 20 tents, A Cart, and 2 good wheels for the cart after one broke.

It took them forever to get everything back to Frunner's by cart and by boat. By the time they got everything back it was the 2 o'clock in the morning.

While they were in the market, Dwannis noticed that the guards investigating Aris Vloren's murder in the apothecary shop were still their. It seemed strange that they would stand guard. Dwannis had killed the man days ago, why all the security still?

Scene 8 Back to Frunner's.

Back at Frunner's, the Forger was only able to 3 followers. Apparently the Cleric that Raskavas harassed a few days ago had been telling people not to follow us. She felt that we were dangerous and no good would come of this. Raskavas laughed it off. but it would be a serious problem.

None the less to celebrate the new comers arrival, Dwannis, Bodie and Raskavas give them each a tent, and then prepared a feast, celebrating until the morning came.

The party slept through the day, deciding to visit the shipwreck at night to try to get more treasure from the Nagas.

Scene 9 The Shipwreck.

As night fell, Dwannis, Bodie and Raskavas arouse from their slumber. the rousted the other three followers and assigned them tasks for the night. Two of them would fish to make sure food remain plentiful. The other would start chapping fire wood.

While the follower laboured, Dwannis Raskavas and Bodie readied their row boats and started towards the shipwreck.

Using Bodie to distract one of the Naga's Dwannis and Raskvas fought the other two. After defeating them, Bodie dropped his fascinate spell and Dwannis hit it with a fire ball. It was an epic battle!

After searching the ship, they found enough gold to keep them in business for some time.


In the end we got a bit of treasure and some more supplies. But the main event of the night was our legal acquisition of Frunner's! We now have a base camp and a place to recruit our followers to.

The cleric Raskavas insulted would prove to be a problem. This time, Raskavas would have to swallow his pride and apologize to her, or else we would never gain more followers.

I was also curious as to why the apothecaries shop has been under constant investigation for so long. Something suspicious was happening there.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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