The Conquest of Frey: Chapter 1: Game 1

Game Master: Dave
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Andrew
Starting Level: 5

Quote of the Evening:
"I ask them to vomit in my cup."


Dave's The Conquest of Frey, was his first D&D Campaign. He came up with an ambitious idea, that we would be the villains of the story, and take over the world. Players could either be Dark Dwarves (Duergar) or Dark Elves (Drow).

Long ago our people waged war against the Elves and Dwarves, but we were defeated. The remains of our society are a subservient and impoverished class compared to the Elves and Dwarves. Frustrated with our situation, we decided to rise up, and take things into our own hands. Dave envisioned us leading a great revolt of Drow and Duergar. I had other things in mind.

Since it was Dave's first time being a DM, he and I had a one on one game. This let him experience DMing, before he ran it for the group, giving him some confidence. My quest was short but I discovered a few leads that would kick start the group game.

I played as Dwannis Muck-Mug a crazy Duergar Wizard Necromancer who lived in garbage heap in the slums of Bellwick. Birthed of filth and pure evil, the Universe cursed Frey with Dwannis Muck-Mug, and it would never be the same.

Scene 1. From Small Beginnings.

I awoke in my garbage pile and quickly found my breakfast. As I am a Duergar I am immune to poison, so the rotting food I found amongst the trash, had no effect on me, other then filling my belly. After my meal, I sat down to study my spell book, and prepare my spells for the day.

I was about a third of the way finished when someone threw more garbage onto the pile and it landed all over me! My focus broken I had to start again. As I was studying, I discovered that my fireball spell requires some sulfur or some bat guano. Having neither of those items in my garbage pile, I had found a little quest for myself.

Using my Local Knowledge skill, I discovered that the only place in town I could get these ingredients was from the Apothecary Shop owned by Aris Vloren. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, but my back story is that I worked for Aris Vloren as his assistant, but I killed his dog in an experiment, and was promptly dismissed. Needless to say, I am not exactly welcome in his establishment.

I needed a plan to get in there, but first I needed some information. So, I left my garbage heap and set off towards the market.  As I travelled through the slums, I noticed how quiet they were. There were not as many people out and about, but I don't notice anything else.

Scene 2. The Apothecary's Shop.

I found the market, and searched out the Apothecary's shop. It was open, but I couldn't exactly walk in through the front door. To gauge the scene, I peered inside one of the front window, almost getting spotted by Aris's new assistant. Both Aris and his assistant were in the front of the shop, so I decided to go around to the back door. Just as I reached to open it, the Assistant came out the back with a bag full of garbage. I quickly casted a Touch of Fatigue spell on him, putting him sleep. I never did learn his name, but as he slumbered I smashed his skull with my great hammer, which Dave let me count as a great mace. Tough luck for a poor kid just taking out the trash, but my needs were more important then some elves' life, and I am chaotic evil. I dragged his body into the trash pile behind Aris's shop and covered his body with refuse. No one saw me, and no one heard me.

I entered the back room of the shop finding my self in the small store room, with a single door leading to the store front. I put my ear to the door and listened: two people had entered the shop and were talking to to Aris. I silently opened the door just a crack, and peered into the room. Aris suspiciously reached behind his desk and pulled out a package, Handing it to the two strangers. They said nothing and left... No payment was made, or any other exchange that I was aware of.

At this point Aris started to wonder where his assistant had been, and came into the back room. Moments before he entered, I had prepared my Shocking Grasp spell and I took him by surprise dealing 15 damage. Aris collapsed to the ground and tried to cast a spell of his own. He failed his Concentration roll miserably and fainted in a heap on the floor. I finished him with a blow from my great hammer.

Fearing discovery, I closed the shop, and began to search the premises. I found my spell components and decided that I was going to set up camp in the shop for as long as I could... But what to do with the bodies? Just as I finally decided to go and look for a large cauldron to dissolve the bodies in, there came a furious knock on the door. A messenger from Dorren Glenrak, the leader of the Bellwick, really wanted to get inside. Playing it safe, I hurried out the back door and returned to the slums. But what was that package? And what business does Dorren Glenrak have with an apothecary?

Scene 3. Back at the Trash Heap.

When I returned to my trash heap in the slums, I found a pair of pig feet that had been left for me. Wanting a meal, I quickly gobbled them up, and then decided to relax for a while.

After dozing and resting for a few hours, I decided to go out for a stroll. The streets were still rather empty, but I saw two Drow sitting on a bench, looking very ill. I asked them what was wrong, and they told me that they have been eating pork for the past couple of days; it seems to have disagreed with them. Thinking this might be poison, I asked both of them to vomit into my mug for testing purposes, and this is where the quote of the evening comes from. Surprisingly they agreed, both of them filling my mug.

I had a draught of the Drow puke tasting to see if there were any poisons. There was a chemical taste, as well as the distinct flavour of pork. After my tests I returned home and went to bed. I would decide what to do about this in the morning.

During the night, someone put more pig's feet into my garbage pile. I didn't wake up enough to see who put them there, but I almost did.


The next day I required some thinking. I assumed the pork was poisoned, and that someone seemed to be planting them around the slums. I used Local Knowledge again, and learned that the nearest pig farm is just outside of town. Seeing the potential danger in going alone, I started to make my way towards the Tavern to seek out some help.

That is where we left off!

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