Conquest of Frey: Chapter 1: Game 7

Game Master: Dave
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Andrew, Elijah, Jeff, Tom
Starting Level: 5 

Quote of the Evening:
"I just run through slums lighting everything on fire with my torch."


We last left off having committed our first acts of agression against Bellwick. Raskavas had burned their fields, though one of his riders betrayed him, and he lost two in a fire! 

Sayer had set up a camp along the road and stopped an incoming caravan, robbing and murdering the passers by. 

Bodie had made his way to town, but we finished last game before he could start his adventure.

Today would be a big day. No more waiting.

Scene 1 Bodie the Terrorist.

Bodie arrived in town around three in the morning. He docked his boat and starting looking for a way to get into trouble. He didn't have any explosives or access to any since Dwannis had destroyed the alchemist's shop, and neither did he have any poison. So his first plan was to go into the rich district and murder people in their sleep. 

I still think this was a good idea. The point of a terrorist is to spread fear. However, when Bodie broke a window to get into a house, he attracted all of the guards and they came running to the scene.

Bodie dashed off into the night, and came up with a new plan. He would disguise himself as one of the town guards, and set fire to the slums using one of the torches that illuminated the streets. The hope was that seeing a guard destroying their homes would cause the rest of the Dark Folk to riot. And that is where our quote of the evening comes from, as Elijah explained his plan to Dave.

Well Bodie's run didn't go so well, and the people of the slums chased him down, pushing him to the ground. It looked like Bodie was going to get beaten to death by a mob of angry Drow and Duegar, but with some quick thinking he saved himself. Bodie dropped his Disguise spell and bluffed to the crowd saying that he had been put under a spell by the Wizard Malik. The crowd actually believed him, and Bodie was then able to give a grand speech which rallied the slums into a fury!

He lead his new found army out of the city, battle guards along the way, and then took his men through the woods towards Frunners Singing Songs of Victory as the sun rose.

Scene 2 The Plan.

Raskavas had met up with Sayer, and was about to leave, when the two had agreed that they would return to Frunner's to discuss with me what to do next. Sayer was afraid there might be dissension in his ranks and wanted to make sure Dwannis was alright. Raskavas left on his horse, While Sayer and his men stayed behind to blockade the road and begin preparations for a battering ram. He would leave when the work was finished.

When Raskavas arrived he was furious, but was calmed by Dwannis, who told him that the traitor was Malik and that it was time to strike. Raskavas had his doubts. He was trying to find daughter after all. But Dwannis assured him that when they ruled the world it would be easier to find his missing daughter, though Raskavas' show of love and affection sickened Dwannis.

Sayer arrived and reported on his progress of the looted caravan, the blockade and the battering ram. This pleased Dwannis, and the three of them discussed what to do next while eat some fish among the men. 

When they had finished eating, Bodie arrived with his party. Dwannis was very pleased at the influx of another fifty fighting men, and thirty-one people to work around the camp. Frunners population quickly went from thirty-nine to a whopping 120. Perhaps the greatest additon to the group was Bodie bringing of the slums favourite guy, "No-Arms" Randy. Though a civilian, he filled the hearts of everyone with hope and feelings of victory

With more the arrival of more troops, Raskavas went to train the men some more, but Bodie refused to let any of his men train with Raskavas. Raskavas was clearly angered but went about his business.

Dwannis called a private council which Raskavas was included in later. The following plan was agreed on:

1.They would attack in two days. 

2.They would tell the men we were attacking in three days. This was to throw on the scent of any would be traitors. 

3.Bodie would give any fighting men over to Raskavas to train for the next two days.

4.Sayer would take some men into the woods to finish the battering ram and better prepare the blockades.

5.On the day of the Attack, Raskavas would take his men, followed by Bodie and his men, and travel through the forests, where hiding out in the woods by the farm. 

6.Raskavas' team would be leading the charge so his team would grab the battering ram. Raskavas would then post a scout by the gates of Bellwick.

7.Dwannis and Sayer would cause a great distraction. They would head to the mill and explode it with a fireball. Mills, due to all of the flour in the air, are highly explosive. In fact it still happens today! The hope was that the explosion would send a large number of guards out of the city and then Raskavas would attack.

8. To synchronize everything, Sayer and Dwannis would get into position and wait for the signal of a flaming arrow to be shot in the sky from Raskavas. This would mean he was in positon... And probably started a forest fire somewhere come to think of it.

9. With that Dwannis would detonate the mill and he and Sayer would slip in through the back of the city and clear the guards around Town hall, meeting Raskavas, and Bodie there.

With the plan agreed upon, The party quickly set it in motion.

Scene 3 The Battle of Bellwick.

The battle went off exactly as planned. Raskavas and Bodie got their men into position, Dwannis detonated the Mill killing the miller, his wife and two guards. I still wonder why the guards were there at all. After the explosion, Dwannis and Sayer quickly entered the city from the beach.

At that time, ten guards left to go investigate the explosion, and Raskavas' scouts signaled this to him. He waited several minutes for the guards to disappear, and then ordered the charge. The Battering ram quickly burst through the main gates and Raskavas and Bodie followed by their men flooded into the city in a bloody storm, slaying guards from the backs of their chargers.

While they fought at the main gate, Sayer and Dwannis fought the guards at the front door of the town hall. A Cloudkill spell dealt with most of them.

After the fight was over, Raskavas and Bodie met Dwannis and Sayer at the entrance to the town hall. Their troops were pouring all over the town and looting and destruction rained down on Bellwick, though pockets of resistance remained.

Before the party entered the hall, Dwannis raised three zombies to fight for him in the coming battle against Doran Glendrick and the Wizard Malik Vloren.

Scene 4 The Fall of Malik.

Inside the hall, twelve strange looking guards stood in front of Dorian Glendrick the mayor of the town. A  Fireball dealt with most of these units, and maimed the survivors, so all was left was for Sayer, Raskavas, Bodie, and Dwannis's zombie to fight it out. 

The battle was long and grueling and several of the party were badly injured. but they managed to defeat Dorian, and discover that he and his guards were in fact animated dead. Mailk had been playing with dark things indeed.

Bodie lead us towards the entrance to Malik's Tower, and Dwannis ordered his zombies to go through the door. They were instantly killed by a fireball. Coming up with an idea to waste Malik's spells Dwannis sent in a few waves of some less then willing troops as cannon fodder. 

After a few waves, and when no one else would volunteer to go in, The four decided to finally enter and face The Wizard. Malik stood menacingly beside a large black cauldron, but before we acted, he shattered it, scattering all but one of the pieces to the wind. He slipped the final piece in his robes and faced us.  Dwannis lobbed a fireball at him. Malik dodged it taking half damage and fired magic missiles at party. They were able to dodge them, and a battle of spells commenced.

Everyone fought bravely, but the day was ultimately won by Dwannis' two fireballs which dealt a total fifty seven damage to the Wizard. As Malik knelt in pain, Raskavas ran over and decapitated him. Just before Raskavas' blade fell, Malik looked at him with a wicked smile. This wasn't over. Dwannis searched Malik's body and found only the piece of the cauldron. He was fascinated by it. What could it be?

Feeling victorious, Raskavas grabbed Malik's head, and the four of them walked outside. The battle had been won and the dark folk surrounded the town hall. Raskavas held Malik's head high, and the crowd cheered.

And that is where we left off for the evening.


This game felt like we had completed the first part of this adventure! We had been trying to Conquer Bellwick since last June 2013 so it was a good feeling!

I will confess I found victory bitter sweet as I only found a single piece of the Black Cauldron. But I am sure Dwannis will learn more about it next game.

Next game is going to move a little slower, since we need to plan our next steps, as well as deal with the aftermath of the siege.

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