The Tabletop Space Cannon Part 4

So it took some doing, but Mike and I were finally able to finish up our Tabletop Space Cannon and use it in a game once and for all! And I must say I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Not a bad first go at a larger terrain piece in my humble opinion.

The Model

We decided to ditch the larger base, in favour of two flanking and removable Styrofoam cliffs. Essentially these were cut, glues and melted pieces of insulation grade Styrofoam that we glued a CD to give the object a bit more weight and heft.

As mike and I discussed this back and forth, above was the image that we used to represent the idea, with the green being the cliff and the circle the CD.

To achieve the colour we used vary thickness and layers of three different colours of spray paint, agreeing that a neutral aged-concrete look that we wanted. It was Mike's idea to ad some flock and other bits of foliage so that it would also work in a forest setting as well. It was a good call.

There are still a few pieces to get together, and below you can see the beginnings of the generators I threw together But all in all this model is largely completed.

The Game

Rather than playing through the Deadline Scenario that I had suggested in the first place, we decided to try it out a little more loosely. While Ivan and I played Battlefleet Gothic on table with an earth-like planet (almost called it M-Class there #trekie) in the centre, Alex and Mike dueled it out on the table. I was on Mike's Team and Ivan on Alex's.

If either Ivan or myself got close enough to the planet we could activate a planetary bombardment as seen in the Astra Militarium Codex: Potentially damaging our enemy's units in the 40k game. If Alex or Mike got control of the majority of Generators, they could fire a Nova Cannon shot from the planet: A very powerful blast. And as you can see above Mike Succeeded and hit one of Ivan's Strike Cruisers.

Ivan and I never chose to bombard the planet, And instead went at each other with Ivan's Space Marine Fleet ultimately taking out my Death Guard Fleet. On the 40k table, if memory serves I believe Mike's Tau defeated Alex's Imperial Guard. But both of them got a chance to fire off the Space Cannon.

All in all it was a wonderful homebrew game and something that I have wanted to do for years: play a 40k game and BFG game that effect each other, at the same time. Another thing on the gaming bucket list checked off.

Written by:  Andrew Gregory

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