Necron Lord

To get ready for a game I had a few weeks ago, I completely blitzed through a tone of Necrons, starting with my Overlord. The next mini I painted was this Necron Lord, who was old an enough model to still be made out of pewter, and also a bad-ass enough model that the modern resin-cast version remains the same sculpt.

Biggest challenge painting this guy was wailing for my Orange Gauss rods to arrive, and honestly in person they really glow, despite being barley translucent.

I maintained my "65 million years of weathering and corrosion" that I makes this scheme so easy, and am really happy with the results. I am also much happier with how the Resurrection Orb turned out on this guy. I went for a simpler scheme and I think in the end it paid off, and looks a lot better than the Overlord's I think.

On the table Necron Lords are about as stock an option as you can field for an HQ. But honestly in my last game he shot some people, I got him into melee, so a good time was had by all. I don't see any reason to not field one again.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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