JADE's Basement Flooded!

So JADE has been a little quiet lately and I wanted to let everyone know why. As anyone who follows us knows since I moved up North from Toronto, all of JADE's gaming happens in my basement.

Well... On the Weekend of January 11th, we had possibly one of the worst rain storms I have ever seen in my 32 years of living in Ontario. We got around 3 inches rain on top of a January's frozen ground. The water pooled on my lawn, and the poured in through my neighbour's basement windows. Since our houses are connected the water then flowed through the concrete wall in my laundry room and into my basement.

The floor looked so nice...
Thankfully We didn't suffer too much damage. The water flowed under the floating laminate flooring soaking the entire floor, but aside form a few boxes of books and cables nothing of any value was destroyed. We did have to pull the entire floor, and rip out the padding, and have had industrial fans and dehumidifiers running down there.

Here's a video I sent to the guys to show them the damage. Be warned I do drop an F-bomb... And  yes that is what I actually sound like. I have a very thick Canadian Accent... My American cousin (and even some of my friends in Canada) make fun of me all the time. So take your shots now. Haha!

So the basement has been in complete disarray for the past two weeks. I only finished drying the place out this Saturday the 25th of January. As you can see we had to move literally everything, and I don't yet know exactly where the RPG Character Dice are, where the the bags for the for the RPG Character Dice are, were all of my minis, my adventure dice, my D&D and Warhammer 40k books, etc, etc, are.

For anyone waiting for dice; I did finally get a chance to get through my emails this morning, and you should have been informed about what's happening early this morning.

Trying to stay positive, I am going to use this as an opportunity to clean out my basement, cull a few of the board games and generally get organized down there. It has been bursting at the seams for a while now with all the game stuff. so it could use some TLC.

Wish me luck everyone!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. Hi there, I placed an order for dice on 25th May 2020 but I have not received them yet? Moreover, I have not received an email to say that they have even been posted! Order number #3035. Kind regards, Richard

    1. Hi there Richard, Sorry for the delay, we were just catching up on a large back order due to covid when my son was born three weeks early! Thankfully I am back to work as of now, and your dice will be in the mail either today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. Life has certainly thrown a lot of curve balls this year!

      -Andrew JADE Gaming