Cyrano de Bergerac in 15mm

In the first campaign that JADE ever played as group, I created a swashbuckling bard that I called Cyrano de Bergerac. With an impossibly high Charisma and social skills coming out the wazoo, Cyrano could talk, lie and cheat his way out of just about any trouble that he got himself into. It was in 3rd edition after all, and the diplomacy skill was a tad OP at them time.

Well I had a 28mm mini for Cyrano, but since I switch to 15mm for my D&D games almost 5 years ago now I wanted a mini to represent him in the event that I ever get a chance to resurrect that character, and here he is!

This fella I believe is from Essex Miniatures. But admittedly it was a few years ago I purchased this fellow (almost 4) so I am not entirely sure what line he is from.

I think he works pretty, and the only addition I had to make was adding a small green stuff feather on the back of his cap, that you can see above.

Currently I have no plans for Cyrano, but as soon as I get the opportunity he's coming back to the table.

Wirtten by: Andrew Greogry
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