Cobblepot's Big Score Game 2

Game Master: Elijah
Game Edition: D&D 5
Players: Jeff, Andrew, Dave
Starting Level: 5
Current Level:5

Quote of the Evening:
"You know what Sharky? You are not half dumb."

"Thanks boss!"


Cobblepot's Big Score Game 1 left the child-like psychic collective of turtles  Legion (Dave) and the shark on land Sharky (Andrew) with a small chain of lettuce stands and a fish stand. It was quite an accomplishment for only two days work and it had got them quite a lot of notice around the community... Not all of it good.

Yeah... That kinda attention.
Before Sharky and Legion could find Cobblepot and tell him of their acquisitions, everything went dark.

Scene 1 Crocodile Daryl Wants a Meeting.

Sharky and Legion awoke and found themselves bound and gagged. Cobblepot, the penguin bard-thief and their leader, was also tied up beside them.

The room was dark, and the floor was covered in straw. The dim was broken by the white reflection of an enormous smile of teeth. An oil lamp was lit revealing the smiling face of a Crocodile.

Look at that happy little guy.
He introduced himself as Crocodile Daryl. Though Cobblepot had never met him, he knew that this was the most powerful gangster in the city.

While Sharky and Legion, used their strength and magic to free themselves from the binds, Crocodile Daryl informed them that he had a mission for them to complete.

He had heard of their recent business success and felt that he was owed a little something for allowing them to operate. With the Prince arriving in town in a few days, the place was wrought with rumours. One of them was true.

The prince was carrying a mysterious and valuable item with him, and Crocodile Daryl wanted it. He didn't care how they got it, but he was able to give us some help: a care package that our DM Elijah presented as a 16 page player primer.

That's a lot of work! Thanks Elijah!

They were given tickets to the feast at the castle, a layout of the building, time-tables, schedules and so on. Crocodile Daryl was remarkably well informed.

With the satchel of information in hand, the gangsters threw Cobblepot, Sharky, and Legion out on the street.

Scene 2 Trying to Corner the Fish Market.

Outside of the mafia hide out, Cobblepot asked Sharky what he and Legion had been up to. Legion gleefully told him about his lettuce franchise and Sharky told him about his seafood stand.

Cobblepot didn't really know where the food stands would get them, but Sharky (the least intelligent member of the group) figured out what they should next.

According to the documents prepared for them by Crocodile Daryl, all of the food for the feast was being brought by the Prince's royal entourage. Every crate was sealed, and would be disposed of if the seal were broken.  But Sharky figured the only thing they wouldn't do that for would be the fish. Best to have it fresh or not at all, and with one of the guests being the Baron Whittingmore (a fat walrus) there certainly would be seafood on the menu. So he suggested that they corner the seafood market down at the harbour.

Cobblepot thought it was a great idea, and the group head down to the docks.

The Fish Market by Frans Snyders
The sights, smells and colours of the fish market where enchanting to Sharky and Cobblepot, and both of them found themselves very hungry. But knowing business was more important, Cobblepot began searching for the stall with the rarest and finest fish.

He found a stall run by an otter, and then began to put on the pressure. In the end Cobblepot and Sharky offered him no less than a bag of gold in exchange for his stall, but the Otter owner would not budge.

Though he never actually said it, the Otter successfully implied that someone else owned the stand... Some one more powerful, some one like Crocodile Daryl.

Feeling stumped, Cobblepot paused to figure out what to do next. Again it was Sharky who figured out how to proceed, and suggested they simply go and ask Crocodile Daryl if they could use his fish market.

And this is where our quote of the evening comes from as Cobblepot commented "You know what Sharky? You are not half dumb."

Sharky Replied "Thanks boss!"

And off they went to the Drunken Badger Tavern.

Scene 3 Following Leads.

The bar proved to be a dead end. Apparently Crocodile Daryl wouldn't be back until later that evening. Discouraged, but not ready to give up Cobblepot asked if any of the Prince's guests had arrived in town yet.

The bar tender didn't have a clue, but suggested that the town gate porter may know something. Better than nothing.

The town gate was bustling with activity. People were selling things, gossiping and children ran and played in the street.

Like this, but more Redwall
The Porter told them that the Prince's entourage wasn't due for another two days. But the Prince's Stewart was staying at the finest inn in town, the  Nodding Navigator. Perhaps they could find what they were looking for there. Cobblepot thanked him and they head off towards the inn.

While they were traveling there, Legion had grown bored of all this adult stuff and went to go see how his salad stands were doing, and to get lunch.

Cobblepot and Sharky on the other hand, went to the Nodding Navigator, only to be turned away. Apparently their attire and lack of grooming, meant they were not welcome. However with a silver coin, the maitre d' gave them the location of a bath house, and a good tailor.

Scene 4 The Bath House. Legion's Lettuce Franchise.

The bath house was easy to find, and Cobblepot and Sharky enjoyed their time in the bathes, until they realized that a newt in the corner was watching them and taking notes on them!

Cobblepot confronted the newt with Sharky looming behind him and demanded to know who he was and why he was following them. Without saying a word, the Newt drew a knife, and two beavers came up from behind.

Naked bath fight!
In their naked state, Sharky easily defeated the attackers. But was forced to kill one in the ordeal. Seeing the blood, the patrons of the bath spilled out onto the streets screaming about murder. Sharky and Cobblepot gathered their things and left as fast as they could.

Meanwhile Legion had spent the time eating leafy greens and collecting the small change that his stands had collected.

Full and very bored he sought out his comrades. The cries of murder echoing through the street made them easy to find. Legion reunited with Sharky and Cobblepot just as they left the bath house, but it was all in vain. There were guards coming at them from all sides.

Cobble used the commotion to slip away, but Sharky was not so inconspicuous.

Scene 5 Under Arrested

Rage began to flow through Sharky's veins as he realized he had only two options fight or surrender.

It's the cops!
Though, Cobblepot had abandoned him, Legion had decided to stay by Sharky's side and he wouldn't abandon his young friend to blind rage. Sharky decided that they would not die on this day and he lay down and surrendered.

The guards Swarmed over them five, and they were hauled off to jail. 

And that was where we left off for the evening.


Not an incredibly action packed evening, but definitely an interesting one!

Will Cobblepot come to Sharky and Legion's rescue or will he leave them to rot in jail? Why was the newt taking notes on Cobblepot and Sharky and who does he work for? And what is this mysterious item that Crocodile Daryl wants them to steal?

Find out more next time!

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