Jeff's Prussian Empire Ships

Jeff loves German history. So of course when we decided to play Spartan games Dystopian Wars he had to be the Prussian Empire.

He started off by painting his Battleship, choosing a black and metallic purple colour scheme with gold highlights, to give it a commanding a regal appearance.

Now his Cruiser and Frigates essentially just smaller versions of his Battleships so copying the downward was a simple task.

He even painted all of his tiny flyers, but Jeff wasn't Satisfied with his paint job, and ask if I could finish the rest, using his paint scheme as a guide I was happy to oblige and will post those soon!

But personally I thought Jeff did a great job!

Jeff's Prussian Empire Ships Jeff's Prussian Empire Ships Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 9/04/2014 11:57:00 am Rating: 5

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