Northern Guard Strike Squad

My First introduction to Dream pod 9's Heavy Gear series was through the Heavy Gear Computer game. it was a first person shooter where you got to control the different Gears used by the North and South on Terra Nova. One o my favorite Gears to play as was the Northern Guard Jaguar. So I had to paint one!

They are a little bigger than the Hunter Gears, and standardly wield Medium Auto Cannons, so they pack a bit more of a punch. On this model I have changed the standard Light Rocket Packs for Anti-Gear Missiles.

A Jaguar usually has a Medium Auto Cannon, a Light Rocket Pack and an Open Hand. In this case he is holding a knife... which doesn't seem to do much but looks cool!

And of course I had to give one of the three Jaguar's my favourite gun, the Snub Cannon.

Strike squads are great for attacking other gears. They are a little heavier then a General Purpose Squad, And can move a little faster, making them great for hunting down other squads.

The are comprised of three Jaguar Gears support by two Hunter Gears, creating a lethal combination.

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