Bruce "Sharky the Shark" McCoy

For the second campaign in Elijah's Anthropomorphic Fantasy world, I chose to be the Anthropomorphic Shark Monk; Bruce.

Now of course it was a difficult task coming up with why exactly a Shark was running around on land, but I think I came up with a good back story.

So Bruce is the last of his Shark tribe, which lived a strict monk-like existence. They attempted to control their carnal instincts and only release them in battle. Being the last of his tribe, Bruce set out to make a name for himself.

He found this very hard under the sea and decided to have a Wizard cast a spell on him so he could breath on land: Reversed Water-Breathing and Permanency. It was not an uncommon enchantment to have cast, and soon Bruce found himself on land with several other fish, mammals, and reptiles.

After a time he joined up with the Criminal Penguin Bard Cobblepot and the Strange Psychic Collective of Turtles: Legion.

And the rest will be history.

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