Typhus Redo

A couple of years ago, my younger sister Sarah and I started playing Warhammer 40k again. I used to play well more than a decade ago when I was in high school, but as I entered university and then the work force, I fell away from the hobby. However when I got back into it, I found that I still had most of my Death Guard Chaos Space Marine Army; at the head of which was Typhus.

This mini is a pewter version of Typhus (like all the minis used to be), not the modern resin version that they have now. Of course, 16 year old me was not much of a painter, but luckily with some patience I was able to dismantle the figure and repaint him as you see now.

My original pictures when he was freshly painted, weren't very good, and predated a time we used a backdrop on each photo (oh those were the days). So I thought that Typhus' photos could use a do over.

He is a little more worn these days, as I often use him as my HQ in large battles. Though quite expensive point-wse, Typhus' abilities (at least in later versions) make him a powerful figure. While he used to die in many of my early games, recently he has been surviving the entire fight, often taking many enemies out in the process.

So there he is in all of his glory: Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Hive.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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