JADE's New D&D 5 Campaign: Caverns & Coffers

As anyone who follows JADE knows, we don't play a lot of 5th ed and honestly that is a shame.  While we love playing 2nd ed for it's crunchiness, expansive options and never ending supply of books, 5th ed is an amazing system and we definitely need to play it more.

To remedy this sad situation Dave has come up with a new campaign using 5th Ed that he calls Cavers & Coffers. The premise is simple: around the world creatures are emerging from these mysterious doors that lie on ancient and long forgotten paths deep in the wilderness.

Our quest is to investigate these caves, kill the monsters within and venture deep down into the Underdark and discover who or what is sending these vile beasts forth to harm our world.

Like our Arachnophobia campaign, Caverns and Coffers will be a large expansive world with multiple parties out on their own separate adventures. Sure they may join up or cross paths but every party will be on it's own to get to the route of the problem.

Think of this game as an massive dungeon crawl with some topside wilderness survival and encounters to tie all the events together.

So, it has been a while since we played 5th, and to give this new game idea a test and to get used to the most modern edition of D&D, Dave and I did a small adventure called Caverns and Coffers: The Dorset Dungeon. I played as the Half-Elf Paladin Davreak Gillman, a freshly recruited soldier, who was ordered with the rest of his unit to investigate a group of goblins attacking the enchantingly peaceful vineyard town of Dorset.

Following the trail of the goblins lead to the discovery of one of those mysterious doors deep in the woods outside of town. The goblins had set up a camp inside the door and following them down into the dark, Davreak and his three companions discovered that the goblins had broken into a further chamber unleashing a horde of Grimlocks! 

Barely surviving his encounter with Grimlocks Davreak investigated the ruins and discovered mosaics depicting doors all over the world - each containing it's own type of monster: Werewolves, Vampires, and of course Grimlocks, among dozens of others. In the centre of this room there was a door that the goblins had managed to open. Through it lay a stairwell that descended deep into the darkness, that none in Davreak's group dared to enter. 

Fleeing the scene and determined to report what he has seen to his sire the Lord Montague, Davreak has decided he wants to investigate these ruins... But he dare not enter the doors that lead deeper into the Underdark. That is a place he knows that he will never return from.

I am looking forward to continuing this campaign and seeing how the world grows and expands. It has also been a long time since Dave was in the DM's seat and we all think it is time for him to make a return.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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