3D Printed Space Wolf Stormfangs

Stormfangs are absolutely awesome. They are like flying Land Raiders with an endless stream of firepower and Wounds. The only down side they are both expensive to field and expensive to buy.

To get around one of those problems, I had my buddy Coy 3D print these two Stormfangs. We found the designs on thingiverse, although there was a problem... The model was designed originally to be used in Epic 40k: the 6mm scale version of Warhammer 40k. So scaling them up to 28mm meant that we lost a fair amount of detail, and was also difficult because I had to find an approximate length of one of these things (it's 8 inches by the way) which wasn't really listed on line.

However all said and done as a proxy model I think they do the trick perfectly!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

3D Printed Space Wolf Stormfangs 3D Printed Space Wolf Stormfangs Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 9/10/2018 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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